Digital Library: Keep Information Safe

Diverse forms of digital storage of information made possible


Digital Storage with GATT’s Digital Library 4.0

Information plays a significant role in an organization’s management. As an organization starts to grow, its needs increase as large volume of information keeps mounting. It is decent to store large information in the digital storage way. Managing and retrieving information with utmost ease is made possible in the digital storage way.

The digital library is designed for this purpose as it is able to store large quantity of data, files, reports, manuscripts, and updates in the digital way. GA technocare technology’s digital library does the storing of information very effectively. Files can be stored and retrieved instantly without facing any problems. Information is made available by the software in digital forms such as CDs, DVDs, Archives, E-books, manuscripts, documents and digital reports.


GATT Digital Library features: 

  • Server side and meta data archiving
  • Mirroring CD/DVD/Digital archives
  • Information cataloging on a multi-level basis
  • Digital image such as photo gallery archiving
  • Rights and privileges specified for group creation
  • Keyword and meta-data based information recovery
  • Library and report generation
  • Advanced Content exploration

Advantages of Digital Library

GATT digital library makes itself available to organization’s goals by leveraging on the following advantages.

  • Retrieving information accurately
  • Meeting the needs of educationists, users, and administrators
  • 24 hour Library service
  • Using information for varied purposes and enhancing skills for better decisions
  • Information management and using the same for productive use

Benefits of GATT
Digital library solution with GATT comes with a long 8 years of expertise. The clientele base of GATT is highly impressive and based on the software services, feedback, and suggestions, GA Technocare Technology is able to provide great solution for digital library in terms of online and onsite support system. The customer counseling and training to help people with the digital library solution remains astounding.

Our Existing Clients

  • Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Bangalore
  • Central Institute of Fisheries Technology, Cochin
  • Calicut University
  • DRDO
  • IIM – Bangalore
  • Infosys
  • Muthoot Group
  • NIT – Silchar
  • NTPC, Kerala
  • "Store information in diverse ways with GATT’s Digital Library"
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