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It is often observed that small organizations lack established processes and things take place on an ad-hoc basis.Main reason is attributed to both lack of resources and volume of tasks.

The major contribution in any business’ profit comes from “repeatability”. Being innovating and discovering a new product, or a service is a very expensive investment. The profit can only come when the process is repeated several times.

Repeatability is at the core of any business system like ExactERP. It is our belief that SMBs will be greatly benefited by using the some of the practices embedded in ExactERP.

What is ExactERP?

ExactERP assists a business to manage all its information through one software package and use it to manage operations and take decisions based on processed data.

Some of the highlights of ExactERP functioning are:

  • All Invoices and Payments can be tracked.
  • Find out what quantity of what item is currently available in stock.
  • Track and identify all active customer queries.
  • Under HR Management system, manage payroll.
  • Assign responsibilities and tasks to staff and follow up on them.
  • Information of all your customers, suppliers and their contacts just a click away.
  • Prepare quotes and convert them to orders.
  • Under asset management, set reminders on maintenance schedules.
  • Integrate a self-managed website. And many other such features.

Why should you choose ExactERP and not A, B or C?

ExactERP is developed by industry experts after thoroughly analyzing various business systems. It is not only a complete accounting system but has many advantages over both traditional account system as well as other ERP applications.

Advantages over an accounting only software:

  • It can handle lot more than just accounting!
  • It can manage order management, stock, billing, quotations, crm, leads, payroll and much more.
  • All data is stored in a secure database and in one place. You don’t need to hunt for data across spreadsheets and different computers when you need it most.
  • All users get the same refreshed data all the time making all processes perfectly synchronized with each other
  • It organizes your business and make you stop repetitive work like inputting information related to customers, products, and documents in various places all the time.
  • Now get the complete history of a customer, order, lead or deal at a glance.

Advantages over other large ERP systems.

  • Save your money.
  • Buying big modules which do everything and not usable for you is just an overhead.
  • Easy Configuration. Large ERP systems are hard to setup and configure and will give you thousand of questions before you can do something meaningful.
  • Easy to Use. Modern web based user interface will keep users satisfied and in familiar territory.
  • Native Android app. Take your business wherever you go with ExactERP Mobile app.


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