Use our school and college automation management system to monitor the admission process, extra-curricular activities, attendance, and communication between teachers and students for better overall results.

School & College Automation

School & College Automation Software for School And Colleges

School Management System

School Management System helps the school to digitalize their entire system which they can manage on a daily basis effectively. A school management software makes your educational institute fully online and easily trackable.

A school management software is the best online tool to manage your school database which is difficult to manage. It is the best way to manage students, staff, fees, time-table, transportation, examination and many such activities that are considered to be crucial for the day-to-day operations of a school. Our School management system is a Web-based software application developed using the latest technology which makes the communication between parents and the school administration hassle-free and transparent.

College Management System

A college management system is a Web-based software, designed to make academics and activities in a particular college automated, systematic and integrated. It is a demanding solution that collocates every information about a student on a single platform. Information such as record maintenance, attendance, admission selection process, enquiry recording, student registration and so on, until the course completion.

The software helps you efficiently in managing all day-to-day college activities very conveniently and with ease. The institutions can communicate via portals, SMS and emails with parents and guardians to inform them about their results, circular information, events, fees and much more.

The college management system is an efficient, powerful, web-based educational ERP solution for higher education. It even automates, untangles and ensures much stronger administrative processes.

Some of the Key features of college Management System are: 

  • Admission management
  • Enquiry record
  • Program & course regulation
  • Fee management
  • Attendance
  • Staff Management
  • Hostel Management

  • "Easy university management facilitated"


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