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Best Staffing Solution with Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

Recruiting staff members for companies on a permanent basis is the function of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). In this process, GA technocare technology recruits staff for different processes of companies with the help of its experienced calling professionals. It is a dedicated team of experts who do intense research of candidate profiles to find out the best talents and to send them for interviews. It is a constant process in which the best talents are picked and hired for different companies.

Recruitment of talents with the help of this outsourcing process has gained pace in terms of talent hiring and placement. Real change in the sphere of hiring process is leveraged by this team of experts. An initial scan of candidates is done and then only the right talents are sent for hiring purposes in industries.

GA Technocare Technology maintains efficiency in terms of recruitment process and services. Within stipulated time, the recruitment process is completed by hiring the best talent pool for a set process. Recruitment of staff is done by following some set procedures and norms. Hiring is done in a very effective way to help companies find the right staff whenever requirement arises.

The Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) service of GATT is based on different perspective and objectives such as:

  • Standard service quality
  • Core business recruitment service
  • Resource utilization
  • Overall cost reduction in recruitment

Contractual Staffing

For organizations that need staffing service for special projects, the RPO process meets their demand with contractual staffing service. In this process, staffing requirement of businesses is fulfilled at minimum payroll and cost.

Benefits of Contractual Staffing

  • Temporary to permanent recruitment
  • Staffing for IT businesses
  • Reduction in cost for staffing and recruitment
  • Flexibility in recruitment process

Permanent Staffing

For permanent staffing, solution is provided to help companies find quick response in recruitment. This process of GA Technocare Technology ensures

Benefits of Permanent Staffing

  • Job security
  • Stability of hired staff
  • Right talent hire
  • Resume screening

Payroll Services

Payroll service allows us to define new rules and create diverse logic to Deductions, Earnings, Arrears, Bonus, Attendance, Leaves, Statutory Requirements, Taxes, and others.

Payroll and HR Solutions

GATechnocare Technologies brings payroll solution withholding taxes on paychecks of employees, compensation of workers, employability, and insurance liability.

Recruiting and Retention Programs

Our recruitment and retention programs are famous and you can avail the service with all benefits.

Guarantee and Quality Programs

GA Technocare Technologies takes the responsibility to keep a check of the staff that is hired. It should meet expectations of businesses and reduce the overall cost, budget, and expense.

Our RPO service includes:

  • RPO services
  • US IT recruitment
  • US recruitment process
  • Recruitment management system
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • “Bringing best professionals to work together to meet emerging challenges of business.”



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