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School Management System Software

The automation system is automated with the introduction of a management system that aids in improving university management and in making every process automated. The automation system has brought in a complete overhaul in the way a university is managed. GA Technocare Technology has introduced a practical automation system that acts as a real solution for universities and other organizations. The automation process ranges from exam conduction, fund utilization, and monitoring functions.

Depending on the requirement of automation, four systems of automation are available for University/Campus/organization needs.

GATT U-Governance
For university administration and efficient management, information technology plays an instrumental role to automate processes in the present education state of affairs. University management becomes systematic with the GATT U-Governance software as it has the capacity to fully automate processes of a modern university. It is easy to work with it as it is a browser based system having multi-tier architecture and facility to handle multi-department processes.

GATT C-Governance
It is a web enabled information management system that is meant to handle operations of modern campus or university. Under this system, multiple institutes, departments and organizations can be managed with the help of its user-friendly browser system. Transaction logs, monitoring funds, customizing reports, and information sharing become possible with the help of this amazing software.

GATT M-Governance
GATT M-Governance is a workflow based application software service. This management system is specifically meant for medical institutions and universities, in order, to facilitate paperless administration and automation processes.
With this software – library, inventory, human resource, and other medical departments can be managed effectively. It has a document flow module that enables processing bills, advances, leave approvals, and online requests.GATT R-Governance
GATT R-Governance is meant for government institutions so as to enable them integrate internal processes with external ones. Under this system, processes can be handled very easily that include tour sanctions, procurements, payroll, accounts, reimbursements, pensions, provident fund, and so on. There are several advantages of this system because of which it becomes easy to generate reports, fast payment disbursal, single window approach method, and others.

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